What if this is as good as it gets?
2001-09-21 13:25:40 (UTC)


Mmm.. well it sort of is now. Nothing REALLY matters....
the images are still haunting me really.

We're supposed o be flying out to the States soon on
holiday. I can't expect to land in LA and say to a grieving
American pople..."OK, I've paid the cash.... now entertain

I don't want to go.... bit does Thomas Cook care??

Apart from that, it's all pretty good. Lisa and I are fine,
although there is some tension over the holiday. She still
insists we go, but I'm not so sure.

Gotta buils a new garage at the back of the house. Can't go
on really without it, so I'm on the case.

Loads of rows this week. The MCPS (a royalty collection
agency) have decided they've lost 15 of my claims from the
last year. I now run the risk of no income for a few months.

Useless they are....

Also, a Japanese publishing company offered me a deal this
week which, to be frank, was insulting.

The album is pushing ahead just nicely. We're about 4 tunes
up now.... plus a few old ones are already earmarked. So
we're maybe about 5 short...

Easy peasy!

It's a lot of work though as I'm doing
everything....artwork, writing, producing, financing,
organising, licensing....


quite simply because I can't trust anyone else.

So there ya go...Noticed today that theres another couple
of compilations out featuring my songs, very nice for the
coffers! People don't realise though that a song I write
today will take a year to get out there, and then another
year for any royalties...its a long game, but the good
thing is, if you hit a hard time, you still have income
from a year ago coming in. So, you can sort yourself out.

Gotta scoot, things to do!