My Gay Misadventures
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2003-02-06 17:11:37 (UTC)

Friends to foes, and back again.

...After being with Mark, and got online for a bit, Paul
called me (whats up with all these distant people
contacting me all of a sudden)...anyway, he invited me to
Tycoon Flats (tonight was Gay night)...So I taged along
with him and his bf, Pisto. TF was closed, and we
voted 'nah' on the clubs, so we back to Pauls house to
get 'drunk'...I got buzzed, which pretty much does it for
me, all stumblin N' shit. later that night, I had
a 'moment' with Paul about Hesse, my ex that im still madly
in love with. I Pinky sweared to call Paul whenever Jesse
came over, so he could deal with the situation, and not
have me fuck myself over, again...I dunno...I havent have a
serious touchy-mushy-kodak moment with someone in long ass
time...it felt good to know people do care about me. Hard
to belive, but i guess it is true. My friends are hard to
read, but they never seise to amaze me....those bastards.
I just got home, Im hungry like a mofo...and yeah, I needa
shower...Pauls also supposed to watch over Rikku and
Bit...rather then Jesse watch over them, as originaly
planned...God I miss him (Hesse)...