just another face in the crowd?
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2003-02-06 16:50:03 (UTC)

C'est la vie

dear diary. today i've been thinking. i'm being paranoid.
Cassie was bullying me yesterday. but after i was nearly
crying and said about my grandad to anna, she soon stopped.
she hasn't even spoke to me today. you see, i'll tell u the
More then once, cassie anderson has picked on me. and
yesterday was the last ever time. you c, i lost my grandad
in august and im still not completly ova it. sometimes i
cry my self to sleep. my uncle is porrly with cancer. in
his throat and lungs it is. I told anna this and i made
sure bitch heard me. she did. cuz she looked at me and left
it there. im just happy shes let me. so dont really know
why i was being paranoid, but hey, life goes on.
I really think annas using me. today she actually ASKED
if she can come down. she said she wants to come so she can
see chester and go on my dance mat. im sick of my mates

sarah costello

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