Giving in
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2001-09-21 12:31:00 (UTC)

crazy antics continued

sorry it took almost a week to write again i have been
busy. i'll finish up the other story very quickly and move
on. so i walk to my car and get there after a half-hour of
crawling on my nads and knees because i am too drunk to
walk. i get to my car and lay down for a little and then
maiter comes and we pass out/fall asleep waiting for
randy. we wake up at like seven thirty and see randy isn't
in the car and go look for him. we can't find him at all
and leave cause i got to get to work. later that day i
meet up with rady and he told me he woke up in a car parked
in a driveway at one of the people who lives at the dam's
houses.i went to work on fri. nothing happened there. then
later i meet up with pj and randy at which time he tells
his story. we chill at his house for a while, then go to
this party at this girls house. it is not a party at all
just the three of us and the two of them getting stoned,
which was great. the next day i help devon's father paint
a room and then i go hang out with seth and danny. when i
get to seth's house he is on the phone with catherine and
asks me if it is ok if she comes with so i am like only if
she rides in dannys car, but not as blunt as that. i then
go over to randy's house to drop some stuff off and stay
there to get something to eat at the neighborhood block
party going on. i then get to the mall and they aren't
where i said to meet and then i walk around the mall
looking for them. i go into sam goody and purchase adema's
cd, which is great. i find them in the food court, and we
walk around the mall for a while then go to the movie
theatre to see the musketeer, which wasn't bad at all. i
don't think i would see it twice in the theatre. then when
i get home i hang out with devon for a while then go to
bed. i wake up at some point and devon and i paint the
room again, we get lunch somewhere and the i go to seth's
house to play dungeons and dragons with my weekly group.
monday i went to work and then had dinner with my family
before i went to scouts with my father. after that i went
back t my house and my grandparents were there. they
stayed for a while and then left, then i talked with my
father for a while then went back to devon's house.
tuesday i went to both jobs then went to devon's house and
slept. i did the same thing on wednesday. on thursday,
yesterday, i didn't have to work at staples so i got to
take a nap and watch the presidents speech about the recent
events. i showed up for work this morning and i am just
waiting to go to incubus this evening. that is my week in
a nutshell.

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