tyler D's sex hole
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2003-02-06 14:57:46 (UTC)

Chillers and New hook up

ok well for any reading i have just been sleeping with
girls i have slept with before latley so there was no need
to post.

however, last night i went out with a new friend named
Irena. half puerto rican half white......she's pretty
fucking cute. and anytime i can have a non girl next door
type i'm down. so we went to dollar drink night at this
club downtown caller Chillers. the people were very date-
rapist-frat type so that sucked but you can't go wrong with
$1 drinks. it was our 3rd date (the 1st ended with a hug,
the 2nd involved some making out so i knew tonight it would
be on) so after already having had two previous dates with
her i didn't think i was moving too fast or being a slut by
hooking up with her that night.

the sex was interesting. she's into the rough stuff, but
not hair pulling which was interesting to find out, but she
kept slowing down and towards the end and was saying she's
really sore. we only did: oral on me (the girl has to be
really hot for me to give oral to her),missionary, and then
her on top. i had never had this comment made and we were
only going for like 20-25 min. so a normal girl wouldn't be
sore. i wrapped it up as quick as i could (oh amazing head
by the way, why are some girls so good at that and others
so bad?) and after she said it had been 8 months! this is a
cute girl! who was being hit on anytime i left her alone to
get drinks or go to the bathroom when we were out. so it
wasn't for lack of options. it made me think about what an
ex once said. she said when were having sex 1-2 times a day
she always wants it, but if we slow it down and only go at
it 3-4 times a week she doesn't feel the same drive. so
girls are pretty fucked up.

ok now it got odd. we were at her place. which i always
like because their rooms are always telling about them. she
lives at home and is over 18. she asked me to stay the
night (but in the girl polite way of "would you like to
stay?" as she has her legs wrapped around me and kissing my
neck, so yeah i'll fucking stay). well anywho, she keeps
freaking out whenever i snore too loud and is starting to
get scared her dad (a cop or something) is gonna know i'm
there. between 5-8am she is wide awake and pacing (i'm
falling in and out of sleep) around 8:30 she goes to get a
drink and aparently from what she told me ran into her dad
and he was glaring at her and asking who's car is out
front. she claims not to know. but she thinks he sees right
through that especially because he's seen my car before on
the 2 previous dates. so he leaves for work and i get
dressed and get out. oh a friend dave called around 7am and
she grabbed my cell and turned it off and handed to me.
this didn't help her calm down. she's the total hippie type
yet dresses like the cliche' college girl. we went to her
room under the excuse of watching a DVD but well we didn't
get through the opening credits. the film was called "MADE"
which is fucking great (hence why i bought it and kept it
in the car for this date). oh and one more post script she
seemed amused i kept a condom in my wallet and when asked
how many girls i've been with i dodged the question by
saying i'm a virgin.......girls love that shit for some

uhhhh till next time