Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-06 14:37:18 (UTC)


Sitting here trying to think of what to write in Mat's
B'day Card. I think the card I chose is quite fitting. And
I could really just leave it blank for not much more needs
to be said.

Outside: "I think EVERYONE should have a friend like you!"
Inside: "Why should I be the only one to suffer?!"

It had Mat written all over it when I saw it.

Oh bother it's late now. I just got carried away crapping
totally on in the card. Then again I kinda do that with
cards. I'm sure certain people can vouch for that. But I
mean that is what all that space is there for right? So
that people can get totally carried away and write to their
hearts content. I mean sometimes I do cheat and buy cards
without much space, so I therefore don't have to write as
much or the little I have looks a lot more than what it is.
But that is only people I don't know very well and have no
idea what to say to them other than the standard basics
mostly people do in cards. Go the standard basics. They are
very handy. And you notice when you give cards to certain
people, they hardly take notice??? It's like look and toss
aside and dive straight in for the present. Read the card
damnit!!!! It's better than the crap present we brought
you. lol. So hence why people I actually do care about get a
little extra, because I actually want to put the time in
and write something a little moreeeeeee than the standard,
because they deserve a little more than the standard. It
might be crap, but it's more than the,
my excuse anyway.

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