please stop staring
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2003-02-06 12:42:15 (UTC)


Well, its been awhile.... my apologies. Its just been
busy. Jenny's 20th birthday was on Tues but we celebrated
yesterday. We pretty much got along and i accomplished
something..... see instead of getting a whole meal, i
skipped the main course
i had:
the salad, minestrone soup, 2 breadsticks and their mint
thing. Had an orange for lunch (yeah i know thats bad) but
it made me feel so much lighter.
They think they got all of the cancerous tissue out of
mom, and she is just shining lately. I think that scares
like that make you realize how important our time on earth
really is.
I have a date with Tim on Friday.... yes yes the sweet,
sophisticated college guy. We're going to Khans and im
neeeeeeervous lol but hey what else is new :) We both are
really excited
Angelica told her parents and they took it well. Dale
cried, but they aren't planning to kick her out or
anything. They want her to get an abortion.... she sure
doesnt want that. After all, it is her baby. We are getting
along much better.
Omg yesterday my younger friend at school came to me for
advice on how to give a blo* job LOL. I felt so honored :)-
dunno things are just pretty positive right now, im hooked
on a feeeeeeling lol yeah okaay im a dork
love always kimmy