Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-02-06 11:12:32 (UTC)

Are You Really Out There?

I was watching a docu-thingum repeat about the Manics
today. Yes, it was today at about 2 this morning. It was a
nice little programme, and I obviously quite enjoy the
Manics; my love of Let Robeson Sing is well documented,
and I have 4 of their 6 albums. Anyways, I'm just trying
to establish that they're a band I 'quite' like.

The band is 3 members strong since Richie's disappearance,
which remains unexplained, and remains, it seems, a
driving force for the band. 2 of the band (well, 1 and a
silent other) accepted that they were a rock'n'roll band
who do the things any band does.

Nicky Jones, meanwhile, protested that because of his
Politics degree he was somehow superior to other
musicians. He neglected to note that he wasn't working
within a political field (NB - If anyone wants politics,
generally listen to any early Dylan, any Springsteen, and
any number of other artists) but in the field of music,
where musicianship is valued. He actually mocked the
musicians who spend their time checking amps, and knowing
about guitars.

I could but laugh. I was most disturbed by the fact that
fans have used the band as a basis to read books (not
specific books, well, maybe a few...but nevertheless) -
was the most firmly forced point - or to generally get a
better view of the world as it is.

Would these people not have the mental nouse to do it for
themselves? Do they have to follow a role model of a
rock'n'roll band (who are, incidentally, in this case not
the worst example by any means). Do they not think anyway?

WILT? Don McClean - Vincent.