who knows
2003-02-06 10:35:44 (UTC)

who knows

well right now im stuck, again i have to decide soon who i
want to be with. ihave no idea, i know if i choose one the
other will be hurt. and then i think i shouldn't choose
either and then they both would get hurt. so either way i
look at it someone is gonna get hurt. and then i have the
issue with the father of my child. went to court yesterday
and he didn't show up. it was for the whole child support
thing. anyways they said they couldn't really do anyhting,
but i ended up gettting a lousy 57.00 a wk. i mean what
the hell is that supposed to do. i could hold him in
contempt but if he didnt show up again they would arrest
him and i really dont want him to get arrested hes already
on probation dont want to make it worse. he only takes his
son when he finds it convenient. i dont think its fair. i
mean i need a break from all this stress. last week he was
supposed to take his son and he didnt so i told him he had
to take him fora night this weekend, and i dont see thta
happening. i just want a night to muself so i can go out
and have fun. then irealize this si the life of a mother,
a mother doesnt really have a life anymore. he told me one
weekend he couldnt take him because he was going out with
his friends, i said well wowo that must nice to get to go
out. anyways enough rambling, time too get ready for work.