2001-09-21 08:30:06 (UTC)


I am going to die on May 28, 2050 at the age of 67 years
old, most likely from lung cancer. I'm going to keep this
in mind when I die years earlier than that. There's no way
I'm making it to my 67'th birthday. Yes, it is now 4:30 and
I am STILL up, my chances of making it to my morning class
are getting slimmer by the minute. If I get to bed within
the next half hour, I will get five hours of sleep. Not
bad, but not enough for me to be functionable. Thank God
for caffeine pills. It's a wonder I sleep at all, with all
the caffeine I consume. Maybe that's all makes
sense now. My problem isn't insomnia, it's the fact that
the blood running through my veins isn't blood anymore,
it's pure caffeine. Just shoot me now, before I make my
life any worse.