Freedoms Asylum
2001-09-21 08:14:07 (UTC)

Habit : | A schizophrenic memorandum |

3:40 a.m.

To my procrastinating ass,

Habit.. gaining one and letting go of one are one and
the same.

Habits have to be built up or taken apart the way you
would a lego set. In the beginning it's mad comfortable, OR
if you're breaking out of one , it's extremely
UNcomfortable. But if you continue into it, it becomes new

If you're gonna get into a new habit or let go of an
old one, make sure that you know what it is you want, what
the fuck you are doing all this for. After that, following
through or not depends on how much of a man or how much of
a little kid you are. Making excuses is easy, it's the
temptation. If you have faith in the path you choose,
whether your choice is to become a motherfuckin priest or a
goddamn doctor or a basketball player or a 32 year old
jerkoff loser or a murderer, then you'll adjust the habits
you have or dont have to fit the shit that matters most.

Little stupid fuckin urges like having a cigarette when
your plan is to get diesel, staying out late before school
when your goal is to ace everything and graduate as THE
shit, or eating like the world was about to end when you
wanna prance around in belly shirts...
all of these things are what make you an idiot. Cause you
KNOW what you have to do, you're CAPABLE of it, but you're
too weakened by earthly chains that are easily breakable.
These kinds of chains are not your typical kind of chains.
These, have to be broken link by link.

And the one secret behind genius, is persistence. You
are the ultimate decider of your future, and if you treat
yourself with atleast HALF of the generosity you treat your
bad habits with, you would soon know what the next level
feels like. It feels like invincibility. Like you're being
the best possible YOU at that moment.

The other thing about habit is it brings surprises.
This entry for example was done to build a habit of writing
on this every day. But now i have this long ass entry
instead of just some filler crap.

I killed the fuckin mosquito yesterday that had
bitten the shit out of my arm, legs, and one even on my

Anyway, im out