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2003-02-06 06:02:19 (UTC)

God She's HOT...

Yeah, that website of hers is a definite boost to my day!
All those pics of her which I have gleefully stolen away
and put into my happy folder where I stare at them for 10-
20min at a time. *sigh* And this weeks super good cuz I
see her tomorrow, Friday, Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues. And
everyday will be beautiful!
Except for an emergency which has taken her out of town in
the middle of the night so hopefully she'll be out
tomorrow. AND Z had to tell me and she's like "I was
going to go with her to keep her company" I'm like *in a
fit of rage* "fuck you-don't touch her-she's mine you
bitch! Back off!" Like I can't help it but my stomach
does all these crazy knots and I'm like "grrrr" whatever.
Jealousy is not a becoming trait I know but when it comes
to her for some reason...
Well I'm looking forward to Friday cuz I want to watch
Anna make out with Natasha-that will be good. And if we
can drag her to the bar then we can bond while
the 'couples' ditch us. Sounds like a plan.