2001-09-21 07:56:50 (UTC)


still awake at three AM
i think goddam, where has the time gone?
i was drunk but sober again
lips swollen from a thousand cigarettes smoked
hands shaking from too much caffeine
tomorrow it's off to work
in a dollar store, cause i'm tired of being broke
the only people that matter to me
barely matter anymore
and i wonder if i give a shit about anything?
i know i'll never make a difference
i know i'll never change the world
was i made for drives late at night?
for lying on my back in a parking lot
tracing patterns in the stars?
for sitting in a diner for hours
and laughing till my stomach hurts?
for getting drunk off a beer and a half
and still unable to say anything
that i really wish i could say?
or maybe i just need to stop bitching.