Lements of Madness and Depression
2003-02-06 05:29:41 (UTC)

my heart hit the floor....

today I spent time with philicia and her new obsession
kendall. which was actully alright we went and seen the
movie Chicago, which if you like musicals id sugest it is
very good. but this isnt why im wrighting. im wrighting
because my keepsake of the one I love fell from me today.
it hit the floor and my heart sank... this has never
happend before. I rarely beleave in a coincidenceso I fear
that it was symbolistic of the way things are recently...
*sigh* I hate my symbolism isnt in a realistic view. I will
never lose this neckless.... but I cant wear it untill I
can replace the cord.... its just another on a long list of
my issue's....

Im not going to sleep for another night again....