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2003-02-06 05:11:33 (UTC)

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I don't have a whole lot to say. I'm quite happy tonight.
Things are going great. I got a big of a shock last night
because Dave went and talked to some Mormon
Missionaries. I didn't think he would get that serious
about learning about the Mormon religion. He says he
now owns The Book of Mormon.

I am proud that he is really trying to get to know a lot
about his girlfriend's religion. Even if she isn't majorly
into it. He says her parents are.

I did not ask him if he was still finding things that
rubbed him the wrong way about Mormon. I have a
feeling he probably still isn't taken in by it. Only time will

I am proud to admit I now have a large following of
people who worship my ass. My friend S informed me
of that today. My ass is supposed to be wise. Not to be
confused with a "wiseass" person.

Anyway. I am done printing at the lab so I'm going to
head home.

I must thank Pierre for walking me to the lab. And I
hope his night gets a lot better.

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