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2001-09-21 07:04:06 (UTC)

Hello Journal


I guess this is the start of a Diary Since I've came to New
Bremean. I'll keep it realitively short cause I'm kinda
new at this. My Name is Justin Tylor, and I've got a few
thing about me thats weird. I was born in France, Lived
with my Mother for a while, then Moved down to Hatti and
lived there with my dad for a bit... finally moved back to
dear old mom, and got into the Exchange Student Program.
I'm a Senior at Hansa High and I'm a french freak. Well,
thats what I'm called, other then the Baron.
Yeah well, I'm writing this all down so things are gonna
get intresting in some way. Might as well keep running
with it. Any way, I came here knowing no one, 500 american
dollars in my pocket and trying to find out what to do in
life. I meet up with a few, but I'll tell about them next
time.. As Always, a follower of Baron Samedi,

Justin Tylor

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