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2003-02-06 04:41:56 (UTC)

I wish I could hammer...

I remember I was hammering on a fence in the backyard when
Dad approached. He was carrying a letter or something in
his hand, and he looked worried. I continued to hammer as
he came toward me. "Son," he said, "why are you hammering
on that fence? It already has plenty of nails in it." "Oh,
I'm not using nails," I replied. "I'm just hammering."
With that, I returned to my hammering. Dad asked me to
stop hammering, as he had some news. I did stop hammering,
but first I got a couple more hammers in, and this seemed
to make Dad mad. "I said, stop hammering!" he yelled. I
think he felt bad for yelling at me, especially since it
looked like he had bad news. "Look," he said, "you can
hammer later, but first-" Well, I didn't even wait to hear
the rest. As soon as I heard "You can hammer," that's what
I started doing. Hammering away, happy as an old hammer
dog. Dad tried to physically stop me from hammering by
inserting a small log of some sort between my hammer and
the fence. But I just kept on hammering, 'cause that's the
way I am when I get that hammer going. Then, he just
grabbed my arm and made me stop. "I'm afraid I have some
news for you," he said. I swear, what I did next was not
hammering. I was just letting the hammer swing lazily at
arm's length, and maybe it tapped the fence once or twice,
but that's all. That apparently didn't make any difference
whatsoever to Dad, because he just grabbed my hammer out
of my hand and flung it across the field. And when I saw
my hammer flying helplessly through the air like that, I
just couldn't take it. I burst out crying, I admit it. And
I ran to the house, as fast as my legs could take
me. "Son, come back!" yelled Dad. "What about your
hammer?!" But I could not have cared less about hammering
at that point. I ran into the house and flung myself onto
my bed, pounding the bed with my fists. I pounded and
pounded, until finally, behind me, I heard a voice. "As
long as you're pounding, why not use this?" I turned, and
it was Dad, holding a brand-new solid-gold hammer. I
quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and ran to Dad's
outstretched arms. But suddenly, he jumped out of the way,
and I went sailing through the second-story window behind
him. Whenever I hear about a kid getting in trouble with
drugs, I like to tell him this story.
Haha, just a funny little story for ya.
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