2001-09-21 06:48:48 (UTC)

Sell my old clothes, I'm off to heaven

It's two thirty in the morning and the phone is ringing.
I'm unconcerned by this, none of my friends in their right
minds would call my house at this ungodly hour. My head is
filled with the sad realizations that I have to be up in a
matter of hours for school and then it's off to work for
another six hours after that. I enjoyed being a bum so
much, it's really depressing to be part of the working
class again. However, I couldn't have lasted much longer
living off of what I snagged from my mother's wallet. The
guilt would have killed me sooner or later. Besides, I need
a new pair of Gats and I have to pay for a bridesmaid's
dress this weekend. The bride is going to charge it to her
father's credit card unbeknownst to him, but I have to pay
it back eventually. I'm thinking I have to take a little
trip to the thrift store once I get paid, I need some new
vintage tee shirts. My current selection is getting old.
Well my work here is done for now. I'll probably write
again in a little while if I get inspired. It happens alot,
but nothing usually ever comes of it.
"You'll be accepting my apology for taking things too
seriously, sometimes I'm old enough to keep routine,
sometimes I'm child enough to scream for everything I broke
into, you're barely missing me, I'm missing you..." -the
get up kids