2001-09-21 06:28:34 (UTC)

Putting the K in Kwahlatee

It's hot and muggy, and there is no AC, so this is the
perfect time for a rant.

I've just had my hours drastically cut and the new manager
can't seem to give me a good, logical reason why. In less
than a month of working there, I learned how to run the
register, where everything is kept, how to run lotto, how
to get the computers up and running, how to shut them down,
how to troubleshoot them, etc.

In other words, I'm a valuable employee. That's what the
owner has told me. But since he's in a state of semi-
retirement, he's letting the manager run the place, and
it's pissing me off. I come in whenever I'm called to, I
do everything that needs doing, and then some. Hell, I
even got a raise after working just three weeks! I've
worked thirteen hour days, and this is the thanks I get?

Pardon me for feeling stabbed in the back.

Ah, fuck it. Looks like I'm job hunting tomorrow. Can't
pay the bills or put food on the table working just two
days a week. But I don't want another job, I enjoy that
one. The last thing I need is to end up grilling
cheesesteaks at some greasy little diner for my money.
Been there, done that, not interested in a sequel.

Now for more generalized things.

I hate people that have heated personal
discussions/arguments in public. It's tacky. It's trailer-
parkish. If you want the word to know, go on Springer. At
least then I can change the channel. And the worst ones
are between lovers/former lovers. If any of you readers
are guilty of this sin (and I'm sure some of you are) then
please do the world a favor and super glue your lips

Pagans are another silly, though somewhat less annoying,
group of people. But it really grates on me when I'm
saying something along the lines of "well, only God knows"
or somesuch and they say "Which god?" Why, the one whose
son got nailed on a cross, blockhead, not the one whose
name appears in Bullfinch's Mythology or a Norse saga. And
quit spelling magic with a 'k'. It doesn't make you look
mystical, it makes you look illiterate.

As a side note, there is also no 'y' in vampire or wine.
And no, vampires are not real. Nor are werewolves. If
they are, the last one appears to have been hunted down by
the French Government in the eighteen hundreds, I believe.
It's historical record, go look it up. Practice research,
people! I command you to think!

And what's the deal with Japanese and German porn? It
seems the only nation that lost WWII and still maintained
its sanity was Italy. They certainly aren't exporting
videos of nubile young girls vomiting and shitting on each
other. With this, I hereby present Exhibit A for the case
of "Why Italians are the Greatest People in the World".

PETA really really really sucks. Go get a Big Mac and buy
some real leather, you goddamn beagle fascists.

That's all for now. I'm going to smoke a cigarette
(tobacco is all fucking american!) and drink some rum and
coke. Peace, love and happiness to all.

Except for those terrorist motherfuckers. Boy are they

"I'm not into bestiality, but that's one sexy animal." -- Chris