Sarah's Journal
2001-09-21 06:26:36 (UTC)

to be to bed said sleephead . . .

It's late. Nick and I watched "Labyrinth" . . . well, we
meant to but we had some good long talks instead. for any
of you who knows our history, it's weird. I still love
him . . . I don't think it's ever that easy to just fall
out of love with someone. In fact, I will always love him
in some form, but it's becoming so much moreso as a friend
than anythign else. But, anyway, we had theoretical
conversations on things, mostly to do with relationships.
I have this rule with Nick: I don't care what my sitch. is
with someone else: being the overly-cuddly person that I
am, Nick and I had better have the freedom to chill and
watch a movie with some cuddling. Cuz we've always been
cuddly friends. He's my best friend, it's one of those
things. TJ and I are cuddly too, so it's not a just Nick
thing, but I see Nick a lot more than I see TJ, so that's
why I used Nick for my example.
I am confused about things right now. Primarily because I
think that Adam is amazing. I didn't know that I could
have so much fun getting to know someone that I've never
met. We have such great conversations, and we have tons in
common, from movies we love to our views on certain
things . . . maybe I'm completely out on a limb, but I
would give so much just to meet him. I know we just
started talking recently, but I've got this gut feeling and
it's weird adn I don't want to have it cuz he lives a 47
hour drive away =( BUT, I think if anything ever happened
with us, if somehow we met and hit it off, that he'd be
worth pulling off the major long distance thing. Maybe I'm
wrong. maybe he just thinks I'm some nice girl he met
online . . . maybe I'm just crazy having an interest in
someone I've never met . . . I don't know - give me your
I also got a call from Ryan. Ryan is a boy I knew from my
writing 2 class last year that's president of my honors
society that I decided to email like last week cuz I see
him as a person I'd potentially like to date. So, he
called and we had a really good about 1/2 hour
conversation. We'll probably go out next week-ish . . .
but I've got Adam on the brain right now. Damn you
Adam! ;-) Oh well, who knows - maybe Ryan and I will hit
it off and that'd be sweet too cuz he's really nice.
So, basically, minus the boys and all, my life is pretty
calm. gonna go to sleep now though, love, me