Dave's Mental Meanderings
2001-09-21 06:21:49 (UTC)

Poem - "Here's to You"

I wrote this for someone and never gave it to them, I may
as well post it here. If you're the person I wrote it for,
no hard feelings.

Here's to someone who can admit confusion.
Amidst a sea of delusion,
Someone who is real,
Someone who can feel
What it's like to be vulnerable yet strong,
Someone who speaks out when she knows that it's wrong.
Because sometimes it's just not right,
But you know you can't throw the fight.
Here's to someone who's not perfect at all.
He who thinks he is will surely fall,
And surely lose
When he hears the news
That it's our flaws that make us alive.
Here's to someone who will always strive
To smile in the face of pain
And not let it make her insane.
Here's to someone who can twiddle her thumbs,
Someone who will be waiting when her ship comes.
And eventually it will,
And it shall fulfill
All the wishes you were too afraid to pray for,
All the things you could never pay for.
Here's to someone who has been afraid
When love chose to rain upon her parade,
Nonetheless, someone who stayed
Till the thick gray clouds began to fade,
And the sun shown down,
But you said with a frown
"I know I'll be back at the bottom some time,
But again to the summit I will readily climb"
To reap your reward,
And point you toward
The unwavering band of light,
In hope that some day you might
Shed your armor and take a bow,
Because, my friend, it's all over now.

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