The crazy world of me
2003-02-06 03:43:48 (UTC)


Yeah so I am kind of pissed off right now at Ricky because
today I joked with him by saying yeah so do you not know
how to talk to people anymore and he was like what do you
want me to go out of my way to talk to you everytime and I
was like no did I say thatand I haven't talked to you in
like three days and I was just messing with you. He is
being such a cocksucker. Okay first off how would it be
going out of his way when he is standing right next to me.
So I said something to him and he was like we will talk
about this later and I was like yeah its okay I wouldn't
want you to go out of your way or anything. There was a
lot more to it but I just don't care with him anymore.
Screw him he can go somewhere. But I have been feeling
like shit because my stomach has been killing me and I
think I am dying so I am going to go.