Dave's Mental Meanderings
2001-09-21 06:08:18 (UTC)

Poem - "Eyes to the Sky"

Eyes directed to the sky,
A million souls asking why
We're trapped in this cage,
Doomed to grow old in age.
And for what my friend?
Tell me what's the end
To justify these god-forsaken means.
Nothing, I say, but a hill of beans.
But that's just me,
And maybe you see
Something that I don't comprehend
That will catch up to me in the end.
But many a siren have sung that song,
And still no proof of who's right or wrong.
But the hills go on forever,
And neither you nor I can dissever
The other from his stance.
So don't you think there may be a chance
That this world just might be
Big enough for both you and me,
And billions more.
My friend, I implore
That you put down your gun
For the sake of your daughter and son.
A million eyes aimed at the sky
Can't see the ground when the clouds start to cry.
Can you or your divine plan
Tell me who's the wiser man,
He who prays both day and night,
Or he who struggles in his fight
For what he knows is right,
And tries with all his might
To see past the fuzzy lines and borders
Of ancient religions and sacred orders.
Can you tell me that,
Or will your voice go flat
When I ask about mercy and peace,
About people who see no release
From persecution
By an institution
Governed by something nobody can touch.
Would you answer me so much
AS to tell me why
So many die
Over a cross or a book,
When you just have to look
And you will see
That you're not so different from me.
Beyond that there's nothing to preach,
I know it's not quite out of our reach.
And maybe one day if it all works out
Millions of voices come together and shout,
Echoing in the streets "Come one, come all
Together we stand, divided we fall."