My Gay Misadventures
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2003-02-06 03:33:42 (UTC)

Role call

List of the main names;

Ryki(19)~ That lovable cute Elmo, Me
Eve(17)-yvonne(22)-Lexis(11)~ My sisters
Sugar(42)~ My mom
Mark(30something)~ 30yo fuck buddy who makes rare appearances
Dinky(18)-J(23)-Chuck(24)~ My 3 friends to rivals
Paul(18)~ My rival to friend, rare appearnces
Richard(18)-sarah(18)~ Funny folk. sound alike. they could be clones
Philip(31)~ 31yo who lives in Austin-bah!
Eric(30)-Randy(29)~ Married gay couple, friends with benifits
tony(22)-dean(34)~ poz couple, mainly talk to tony

Bah! thats all i care to rememeberBYE!

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