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2001-09-21 02:55:17 (UTC)

What really happen two days before - I want a better tomorrow

In the evening of 19 of September 09 month 2001
I found my friends in street while I was going to home
of one of them. I couldn't notice even with me. I received
a care grab in my shoulder. I said after to other friend
that she remembers my hug of another weekend yet. I had
just forgotten that. When we found the outside street
a friend of my side friend greeted us with hug and kiss.
In the night she made it four times. Every time she came
back of phone or home. I hadn't noticed it very well.
She and all they hardly will forget a hug.
I usually was so quick that I never had noticed the little
things. I thought my friends are fast than me to notice
what was going on.
Tomorrow I will do better. Everything needs to be made
with heart and soul or I won't really be there and passed
by when people comes and goes. Carol, Mel and now Mimi,
fictious names, are my friends of outside and town
streets of big city I live in my country.