this is my life
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2001-09-21 05:27:58 (UTC)

:::wow he might be decent:::

so the boy i met at the party called and invited me to go
see his friend's band play with him on tuesday. we ended up
doing something else though, because the club was 21 and up
= we went to this really nice coffee place called
spiderhouse that i absolutely love. we jus sat there and
talked for like 3 hours, and it was pretty cool. im pretty
sure he's into me, and im definetly into him. we have a lot
in common. so when he dropped me off at my car(i met him at
his work) he told me to give him a call sometime soon. i
called him the next night and asked him if he wanted to do
something on friday, and he said he did.
he calls when he says he's going to, he's cute, sweet,
smart, all good things. this could actually work out.

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