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2001-09-21 05:21:00 (UTC)

dunno wat to call dis??????

Dear Diary,
Hey!!!! Imma not sure exactly wat to call dis entry so imma
juss not call it n/e thing for now. I knoe dat these bad
thoughts dat I am having r not good to have. For almost a
month now i've been having thoughts dat I shouldn't be
having. I think bout death a whole lot now. I dunno y
though. Or maybe I really do. I guess its coz ihave so much
pain and suffering goin on in my life ryte now and i don't
want to deal wit n/e of it n/e more. At times I juss wish
dat things could go my way for once. To me death seems like
da solution to all my problems. But also in some way imma
still scared to die. I wish at times though dat I could
die, but then again my life hasn't been fulfilled yet. I
want to do more wit my life before I die, but hardly n/e
thing good happens to meeh. I almost always juss get hurt.
Not exactly hurt physically but mostly emotionally. Getting
hurt emotionally hurts much more than getting hurt
physically. Well to meeh it does. I still dunno wat to call
dis entry, but oh well for now. It's not dat important. I
juss want for at least some good to come to my life before
n/e thing else bad will happen to meeh. Coz who knoes i
might not be here in dis earth the next day.

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