of the last

of the last
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2003-02-06 02:27:47 (UTC)

crazyness as usual

so im sitting here on the old pos comp. so far this week
nothing exciting has happened except the battery on car
died, and i saw winnie. thats about it. then i played games
for the rest of the time cause i have no life. tomorrow
winnie and i are going to the salvation army after school
cause she needs to get a suit for debate and fro youth and
government. itll be good tiems as usual. then ill prolly
take her over to dutches and see how that fares. good ice
cream there. and good times. i went to the barn today and
utterly hacked up a lung. that was bad times. bad times
indeed. damn i miss winnie right about now. i just want to
drive over tehre and hold her in my arms knowing all is
right. she is amazing (as ive said many a times in this
thing). adn so my grades suck and i have oh so little time
before college which will completely and utterly FUCK me
over in the end. bad times. complete sucky ass times. i
actually have to do homework and the sort this quarter adn
for the rest of hs. it depresses me thinking about how much
ive fucked myself since now i wont get into college park. i
mean im really kicking myself in my ass by screwing up my
grades. im finally realizing after soo many years what my
rents and brothers have been telling me all along. life is
a bitch adn then you die, or marry one. and its the truth
to the bitter end. the crazy lifestyle of a teenage kid
getting by in this world. untill you look at it that
everyone else has the same troubles if not worse, except
most of those people are applying themselves, i am not.
=(this must change

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