2001-09-21 05:04:55 (UTC)


oh god!! LA was sooooo hot today! but i still dont know if
hes with that chica or not! oh well! he also has gooood
taste in music......oh yeah!!....were thinking linkin park feet hurt! cuz i wore thes new
shoes that are pretty high and i have like 4 or 5 blisters!
its horribble! but oh well! i obviously got GMs attention!
(hes another guy i think is really hot and i sorta like.
well cuz hes all "wow....those are high"!! hehehe! the
power of fashion! lol anyways i think he likes me. but hey
i dunno so maybe i shouldnt come to conclusions but i feel
like he stares at me sometimes. but hey maybe not. uck!
homecoming is in a few weeks and do i have a date? HELL NO!
if i dont have a date in at least 2 weeks i am not going!
ill just sit at home and watch sad movies with a couple
pints of ben n jerrys and mcdonalds and popcorn and soda
and all that shit that can make you fat. go i make it sound
like i hate people who are fat or im weight concious. but
im not. i could seriously care less what other people look
like. plus i mean being perfectly skinny wouldnt be all
that great. yeah sure if you had the height and the face
you could model but that doesnt last long unless youre
cindy crawford. but anyways i gotta go sleepy bye!