Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-09-21 04:41:04 (UTC)

So what was that?

I have been away from my diary for so long that I dont even
remember the last thing I put in here. Well to summarize
everything for the time being I guess I can update you on
the past month or so. Or as far as my mind will let me.
Well starting with today, I went to dinner with 21 other
people. It is my uncles birthday today. Chris joined us.
Daria stayed home that lil brat. Hehehe just kidding. Steve
was lonely hahaha just kidding he stayed home anyway. Other
then that .... in the past week I believe everything has
gone great. I mean not any big things that went on. I got a
few bruises here and there and I am all sore from getting
beat on by "friends" but that is okay cus at least I am
still here right. O well. TIMMY got two new friends YAY! I
mean I am happy for him (not happy that he is even living
there) but I am happy that he actually has two people
around to hang out with and have a good time with. And they
even seem to be like one of TIMMY's old friends back home.
Which is even better because he would have a better chance
of getting along with them more. I mean it always makes
someones day when they kno that someone had gained friends
and not enemies. He promised he would NEVER forget us back
home as well so it makes it plenty more better. (And TIMMY
I kno that I haven't been on lately due to school but I
promise that I will try more) Okay now to continue on. My
mom is goin to let me decorate my room the way I want to.
YAY! Well it isnt no biggie tho. The only thing she wont
let me do is paint my walls black because she says that I
am 'depressed' enough as it is. God ... I hate it when she
does that ...... I mean I already kno but does she have to
say it outloud in front of other people. That is like
disrespect of someones privacy, AUGH! Okay before I get all
worked up lets just change the subject shall we. Okay well
...... I saw that movie "O" ... with my mom and Daria. I
guess it was a pretty good movie. We went shopping too.
That is the first time EVER that I came out with three bags
full of clothes from three different stores. My mom wants
to start fixing up my room ASAP. It seems like she is so
anxious to get me out of her room (I had to share a room
with my mom because there weren't enough rooms in the house
.... yes I had my own bed) But she just didn't want me to
sleep on the couch anymore. Obviously I am not goin to
sleep in my bed while my moms boyfriend is staying the
night. I dont think so ....... not ever. I think you are
plenty smart as to why I wouldnt want to. Damn that is such
a wrong thought. Yikes! Okay to move on. Ummm
.................................................... gosh
... I ran out of the things that I have done during the
past few weeks. I cant remember unless I went and looked at
my calendar and sat there staring at it till I figure it
out. ............ Well I guess for now I will leave it at
that ............ For now till later ................