2003-02-06 01:22:28 (UTC)

ay josie liz and n e 1 else lookie hea

finally a place for my thoughts... today me nick and his
cuz had a BIG mix up it should be all better my 2nd hour
tommorow. i found a arab-muslim girl i'm so happy i found
her i could relate... i swear punks bother me, like i cant
stand the really really punk ppl at my skool they piss me
off. my mom is really pissin me off she made a 2hour deal
with me only 2 hours on the computer every night, o well.
she yells at me then my 100 yr old grandma makes it worse
DAMN GRNADMA SHUT THE HELL UP! old lady.. my grans is
leavin i think this spring YESSSS my own room. my own bed
back. ooh baby i cant wait. i really luv whut ever the hell
his name is he is fineee. see his name is nathan and his sn
is natedogg sumthin.. so i dunno if it really is nathan i
havent talked to him yet. so anyway i'll be writing hea
everynight. damn y does every one hit on nick? i feel like
his older sister tellin bitches he's still young. we could
be brotha n sister i cant imagine me ever goin out with
him. i can with whats his face but never nick.. u no that
guy i met online his name is mohammed and he DONT go by moe
like the one at our skool jeez..i'm starting to be open to
other music types other than rap my cuzins influenced me so
much i almost feel guilty listening to anything else. i
wanna do sumthin with my friends, i havent done anything in
a long time i hung out with mima just no but that doesnt
count... ok maybe it does.. lol her brothers r cute not in
that way but like funny cute her brother joey in highskool
and nikola preschool ther hilarious but i would never want
them as my brothers too much works... thas enuff for today
leave me a measage... -suzzy