Wading in insomnia
2001-09-21 04:32:37 (UTC)

what the hell is your name... Sept 21 2001

Friday, September 21, 2001

12:12 AM

Let us see, where to start. Well I guess the beginning is
usually the best place to start at. I woke up first at
11:20 when my alarm went off, but I still a bit tired so I
reset it for an hour later. I got up then but it was one
of those mornings where I didn’t really feel alive. So, I
kinda just sat on the couch for a good long while thinking
of things. Eventually I decided against going to class,
which I think turned out good cause soon after I started a
few bouts of coughing fits. Between my coughing bouts, I
cleaned out a bit and got things together to go home. I
saw some guy in an Army type uniform on my way to the car
and he kind of looked like Colin Powell, so that made me
laugh, which was nice. The ride home wasn’t bad a few
snags in traffic but nothing big. Got home found out the
brother got arrested for thievery so that sucked. Got a
hold of my best bud, but he went out and did his thing
tonight, so it was a night in for me. Just a lot of
sitting on the couch and watching the TV. The only
somewhat exciting thing happened when I ran to Meijer for
some ice cream. The checkout lane I picked was being run
by this really cute girl, she was one of those punk type
looking girls, you know the kind, wears Vans or Airwalks,
has short, spikey hair, dyed, I don’t know why but for some
reason I find a lot of those girls wicked cute. I think I
smiled at her but I don’t recall her smiling at me, she
didn’t seem happy. A friend talked me into going back and
telling her she was cute and asking for her number so about
an hour later I headed back. I got there and she was still
at the register so I went to pick some things up that I
needed anyways, but as you know my luck, when I got done,
she was no longer there. So I ditched most of the stuff
and bought some cough drops, as I walked out I saw that she
was now bagging on a lane farther down. Sigh, so it goes,
I can’t understand why my freaking heart has to fall in
love so damn easy. It’s a real bitch. Now, I get to sit
here and pine over two girls, one of whom I most likely
will never see again, and the other one I’ll see all the
time but has a boyfriend. Damnit and now I’m feeling
really hot and I can’t stop coughing, fuck, I’m done.