down in my eyes
2003-02-06 01:11:04 (UTC)

alittle too late.

I miss Brian. But i'll prolly talk to him tonite,
anyways. I'm bored. But there's nothing new to do in
Glendale, anyway. I'm sorry, OJ. But, i never was, at
all. I miss you, OJ- But you never cared at all...

I never needed your pity. I'd only wished for your
trust. I thought i had it, but iguess it was just a
deception & now i'm lost.

How many ways can I say I'm sorry? You were such a
good friend, OJ. But you told Charlene, i was only dust.

It's too late to go back. As you said. It's already
messed up. What's said is said. & What's done, is done.
So I'll leave it as broken as it was.

Just know, I truly cared. Tho these words are just
thrown back. You "say" i'm a bitch. But, inside, I
Know you're a sweetheart.
What else can I say? I really have nothing much more to
vent. Don't tell me what She says-
You Know i've never cared about her opinions, or whatnot.

I'm tired, & i'm irritated. Tomorrow i have an
interview. This weekend, my parents 'n I are flying up
to see my sister. I'll be seeing my dad...
Wish me luck.

Wait, you never cared. So there's no point, in that.
These pages, already hold as much as I can trust.
& now, i have nothing else to Ever say to you, OJ.
You've shredded me to the most. & Everything that has
to do with you, hurts me,.. & you Know it has.
Don't ja Know how much you've Hurt me, OJ?
OJ,.... You'll Never Know how much.
But i just can't believe you seem to say, my Sadness
makes you happy. 'Cos iKnow you're not that coldhearted.

Are you?

& by the way, dear OJ, I'm really sad. 'Cos....
It was SAVE FERRIS, One year & three months ago, today.

Goodbye, OJ. Fare thee well. G'nite, sweetdreams.

But, I Know you'll never care, or read this, anyway..