sTePh'S wOrLd
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2003-02-06 00:57:31 (UTC)


Not up to much today. I'm pretty bored, and I've just been watching tv. I guess I'm gonna read some. I'm reading What We Keep by Elizabeth Berg. It's pretty good so far. I'm also going to study some out of my GED book, seeing as though my test is in less than a month away. I am a little nervous about it because I'm not that good at math, but hopefully if I study enough I'll pass. I'm planning on going to college maybe in August, but I'm not exactly positive about it yet. I'm going to have to get financial aide b/c I'm a poor white girl, he he. Anywho, tomorrow I'm going w/ Mandy, my Mom, an Aunt over to this parents resource center for a class that Mandy's taking on parenting. We go to spend time w/ Anthony, but I'm going to go into the class w/ her, maybe I'll learn something. I just don't think that she's really into the class, I mean she hasn't read any of the chapters that she was supposed to, but oh well. Her pregnancy is going to be real hard on my brother, b/c she becomes almost incompetant, or handicapped. She really doesn't do much when she's not pregnant either. I just don't think my brother should have to work all day, come home, cook, and do the dishes. What does she do all day? I know she has some free time when Anthony's sleeping, it just frustrates me. Mainly b/c I don't like to see my brother (John) so stressed out. This should be a happy time for him, and her as well. Anyway, I'm gonna go and watch American Idol and Bachelorette, I like those silly shows. Until next