moe liljew

Could He be for me?
2003-02-06 00:45:21 (UTC)

hurt unbelievable

On this last Sunday... My bf and I agreed to break up...
Why? Because we felt that our relationship wouldnt go
anywhere in the future so we decided to end it now while
everything was good and we could still be friends... bad
idea... it hurt so bad I havent cried so much in a lifetime
like i did on sunday.
I even cried in front of him... I dont like to cry in front
of people. I thought I would be able to hold it in till i
got home, but I broke down it was just too hard.
So on Monday he called me and we talked and I told him i
was going to lunch with a friend and he asked who... I said
just a friend and he got all jealous and curious like he
had when we were together. I told him that he couldnt act
like that because we werent together anymore and I was no
longer obligated to tell him who i was with.. and he got
frustrated and told me that when he saw me later in the day
he was going to tell me that he was a fool and an idiot for
agreeing to break up. That totally caught me for a loop
because I thought even tho he was hurt he would still want
to be just friends because He had stated earlier that it
was for the best. That made my day... so we got together
around 7pm on Monday and talked about what we wanted and he
said that he would rather make the best of the time that we
have than lose me now without trying. He gave me the rest
of the week to think about what I want. I got my wisdom
tooth out Tuesday so I will wait till I'm healed to tell
him that i just want him... he came over Tuesday and tried
to nurture me.. we got a movie and some ice cream cause
that was all i could have.
I really do adore that man! I am so happy that this time he
had come back to me... instead of me coming back to him...
it shows me that he really wants me instead of just doing
it to be nice.
Well thats all for now.
*Just another annotation in the colorful margins of my life*