my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-02-06 00:39:50 (UTC)

~ you all ways know the right things to say ~

time:7:12pm[words cant even dxescribe.......]
today was so shitty. i was so tired in math this mornoigh
thati couldent keep my eyes open. i put my head down for
like a sec and fell asllep for 10 min i was so pissed i
miss so much notes it isnt even kewl. and it draged on it
seemed like a whole school day not a block.ughhh i failed
my math A again. i hate math they just need to pass me and
let me graduate.but yeah.....! i went to my .... oh wate i
all ready told about this. never mind! and i have to go to
gym now vos is my teacher and she always knows when i am
in school so.... it is really shitty. today was the first
day sence christmas break that i had been to was so
fucking gay. i hate volyball. gerrr!!!!! wow i can write
today it just isnt working. oh man. lunch was chicken
nuggets the was fat....i was pretty hapy about it. and
mikey gave me some of his which mad me even happy-er! i
love my crative foods class. justin herdecker, angila
tadio,me, liz, jenna,jackie barton, and D. we have so much
fun. we were doing this frosting thing to day practicing
on our litte plastic sheet things....oh my god frosting is
so good!!!! i ate like a whole pastry tube of it. i felt
so sick but it was worth it.tasty stuff!!!! study hall is
pretty kewl. i get to sit in the library the whole time
and play on the computer. i had to go to mrs panhorst
today durring lunch A and watch the twilight zone......
that is the most boring show or what ever it is that i
have ever seen. omfg! and i got a fucking work sheet to do
on it and yeah i dont even remember what it is about.
fucking A!!!!!! then mike said something to me about my
jornal and what i wrote about him in it. what ever i can
have my own opinion right?yeah thats what i though....
meow motha fucka!!!!!! the bus ride home was funny. wow
that really is true.... i love jiro he is so funny. and
yeah hummm? i kinky? lets think about this one.
haha you know me to good so you should know thast answer!
then i got home and slept for like 3 hrs. i fell asleep as
soon as i got home and maria called and it woke me up....
its ok though b/c i needed to get up. i am never gonna be
able to fall asleep tonight though. and my phone lines are
fucked so i prolly wont be able to get back on if i get
kicked off so..... im out i might be back but ya never
listing to: see her pee{nofx}
ps- you make me happy.... just thought i would let you

"What kind of porno would you star in?"
Gangbang movie! You're such a horndog! You can't get enough sex!
You've been around the block.People might even go so far as to call
you a nympho. Chances are, you're a walking STD. Go get tested.

** ha ha that is mad funny yo! i you might say i am a nympho but
yeah.... maria you know tha story..... i am not a walking STD i am
not that dirty! lol and i haven not been around the block! but what
ever i would be in a gang bang porn!!!!! that was the main question
today right..... so you wanna do a porn? it would be fun..... here
we go there is out them. haha! you got it babe....

" kind of porno%
20would you star in?/">

time:11:45pm [i know you want me to but i just dont wanna ruch
it.... ya know?]

ok so i am still awake. i am kinda tired but not really. i am real
depressed it isnt even kewl. i dont wanna be rushed and i feel like
am being pushed into something. ppl might think b/c of my
personality that i am well easy... sorrie to disapoint you all i am
really not. i feel so bad but i cant contorl my feelings. some
day..... i really mean it. how aboht that tent? hu? it will be fun!!!
lol......BiA porn all the way..... busbanner.......... haha ok i am
done with that for now i all gonna be getting outa here. so later
skaters!!! p.s.- I LOVE YOU TIMES THE WORLD!!!!! HAHA
listing to:actually watching : king of the hill
none of that sounds good but what ever.LMAO!!!!!!!!!