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2001-09-21 00:59:51 (UTC)

Today I couldn't see her - I was working and serving

Today I couldn't see her. I was working even with no much
prize but to help the right people to have the right issues.
I saw a place similar to a paradise in my dreams. If there
isn't the low class houses or if there was farm houses
it was the perfect dream of eden I had more than one month
before. Hills, water pools of rain, bushes, trees and
schools. People living between the nature. They live and
sleep and study and grow there but work in big city. So
there is bus stop and roads. I don't like that part, but
it wasn't a dream. The teachers was the best people among
the crowd. Teaching their children how to live in a society
that doesn't give the better for their parents even to
teachers. I could notice that there was changes that would
be good for all. Small and slow changings was happening
but the time of four years may be thin for so much.
Will internet come to all schools in my country.
I was so tired or upset after the long jorney at those
towns. When I got home town I didn't support the hypocrisis
of false friends trying to use me to get advantages over
new neighbours. I just scream the toughs away telling to
new friends they may not mind about their lies. They
usually never talk to me but I'm together my friends.
I don't know why some people has the popular big third eye
that can see everything larger than really is. They wanted
ever one I had as friend. It was not bad if to get it they
worked to blame me instead showing their real face.
I wraith hypocrisis same I love truth. I'm with two faces
of a coin and likes the face that is beneath the sunlight.
I will try to do work earlier to have time with my friends
and I will not see that scene of hypocrisis again because
I will come before enemies have cooked the lies.
I had known better people in schools today.