BlAcK hEaRt BlAcK nAiLs

My TrIp To HeLl AnD bAcK
2003-02-06 00:25:55 (UTC)

hes home.. where he belongs

yes!! thank god. hes home. him and nik came over today. he
was playing his usual "i love you autumn" games. lol.. him
and nik were makin out in one of my rooms so i left them
alone for a while. then john said to me "are you still
with zack?" i said yea.. and he said "why? that kid cant
even whipe his ass by himself.. hes like brad" lol.. i
told them about how he pisses me off even though i like
him. but you know lol. and they're like you can do much
better.. lol.. and john points at himself. hes like "me
and nik arent going out.. so ya kno.. im free" or sumthin
like that. shes like "we can if u want to" awe.. she loves
him so much. he was being such an asshole to her.. not
saying he loves her back, and pulling away from her. its
really sad how she puts herself out there to get her heart
broken. she just cares about him so much. it upsets me how
he can say he likes erin.. then kiss nicole. but i can
tell he still has feelings for her.. so i guess i
understand. he should just realize.. shes the best person
he will ever find.