Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-02-06 00:20:05 (UTC)

I can't belive . . .

Today stupid Amber puts a whole bottle of pills in my purse
and doesn't tell me. I don't understand why she couldn't
have left it in her purse. If she would have told me I
might have told her I would hold them but I had no clue
what they were. She is lucky I didn't kill her!!!
I feel like I am losing some many people. I don't know why
but it seems that everytime "we" try and make
plans "they' have someone TWICE as better to chill with.
I have no clue how to tell "them" thats how I feel. I
hope "they" go to Rock-N-Bowl with me but I don't know!
I love how people confide in me and trust with
everything. I wonder why people come to me for advice and
yet the one of the guys that does I am like totally
interseted in and yet I know I will only be one of his
friends. I totally fear that I will always be seen as one
of the "guys"