Day Dreamer's Sruff!!
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2001-09-21 03:43:29 (UTC)

YAY Holidays!!!!!!

Hey There,
YAY Its The holidays FINALLY!!! I've just got home from my
last exam!! Weeeeeeeeee Waaaaahooooooooo YAY LOL No more
school 4 two whole weeks.. which I personally think isnt
very long! :( But oh well what can ya do? LOL

Oooh Woah my head... Its all dizzy AGAIN! Man I hate that
when it happens and i don't know why it does, and its not
cos im on the comp either cos it happens even when im not
on the comp! Ive been to the doctor about it and he says
theres not much I can do about it but only take a panadol
once a day and that should help a bit.

Hmmmm.... Ooooh I can go down and get a milkshake YEAH! LOL
Hmmmm... I dunno if I should I dont wanna get fat! :|
Hmmm.. Lets see if I have enough first cos i have to pay my
friend $5 for this CD he sent to me... Yep I have enough!
LOL I soooooooo LOVE Milkshakes!!!!! (But not as much as
LOVE Adrian!)
Right Well I gtg and have some lunch and get a milkshake ~_^
Laterz Jessie

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