le soleil et la lune
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2001-09-21 03:38:04 (UTC)

another day at the gravy

So, I kinda didn't study for my pyschology test today. You
can imagine that I was pretty pleased with an 84.

Score for me and Ashley P during 3rd period. Garrett
agreed to do a comic for us, so we don't have to use the
kinda bad pictures that Josh Haley gave us.

I got a lot accomplished today. I narrowed down my pile of
college apps to like 5 instead of 30. I tracked down my
paycheck from Subway. I counted out four dollars worth of
pennies so I could have enough gas to get to work. I
talked Aimee into actually doing her chores so she could
get out of the house for once and have a life tomorrow

I have decided that I really like working at Old Navy with
Tiff and Amanda, and CJ. I can't believe that Corey took
back his 2 weeks notice. I mean, I can stand him in small
doses and all, but he NEVER leaves the store. Even when
he's off!!! Between Jessica and I we got all of men's
recovered(all 3 shops!) and about 3/4 of clearance. We
were awesome!! I guess that sounds a little self centered,
but today was my first time in men's, and neither one of us
has been working very long. I'm pissed, everytime I'm
scheduled to work next week, except for SAturday, it is
only for 3 hours.

Oh, on a side note. I understand what tiff was talking
about. And I feel really bad for CJ, she should have told

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