The Life Of a Military Brat
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2001-09-21 03:34:33 (UTC)

The Start of Senior year

Well lets see I have just recently moved back to a place i
lived ttwon years ago I figured it would be easier to come
back to all my old friends... well I guess i thought wrong.
The one guy I was looking foward to seeing really changed
and i guess he got it across his head that we grew to be
different so he has been blowing me off which really sucks.
Other than that it has been alright here but i am a natural
Cali boy and i miss the party life back there were you
never get bored. I guess it isnt all bad, but the girls out
here are so much different it is like you dont have to be
the one that goes after them they go after you. Homecoming
is coming up really soon and lots of the girls are counting
down the days to the big dance. I swear I get one girl
interested in me and five others get interested also, which
has never really happened to me. Listen to me, it is almost
like I am complaining. I guess without the fun of getting
the girl interested rather her already interested is just
not as much fun. Now I may be going to two different
homecomings so that should be really cool. As of right now
that is not a sure thing but as close to sure as you can
get. I guess i cant really complain as long as there are
girls life is good but I am sorry to say the CaLi girls are
way more fun, not to mention they are HOTT!!! Oh well I am
hopeing I will be off to college back on the west coast by
the end of next summer. Schools out here are so freakin
GHETTO you wouldnt belive it. Our school accually has a
rule that you cant wear a backpack during school unless it
is mesh or seethrough... how gay is that? Like that stops
me anyway... untill I am told to take it to my locker I am
wearing it around school. f corse everyone breaks the rules
at school like no cell phones... yeah right everyone has
one it seems like.
So anyway on a different note I have really been
following this whole terrorism thing that has been going
on. Today was Bush's address to the nation and what he said
pretty much is that we are going to war. It is scary to
think of what this is going to lead to. I mean my dad is
military but I know he wouldnt be involved in fighting or
whatever but still he works at the pentagon and it took a
while to figure out just how close I came to loosing him. I
guess for know there is nothing I can really do butwait
till we see what is going to happen... WAR??? You never
know until it is staring you in the face.

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