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2003-02-05 22:46:17 (UTC)

I realize I have been slack..

I realize I have been slack with this lately. Amazingly
enough...I'm impressed with myself, that I've been writing
in my actual journal.

I've been weird lately. Things have been rough or maybe
I'm making them rough on myself. Seems like everything
comes at once, and it all piles up, I'm not sure how to
deal with things, what to focus on or if I can handle
what's being given to me.

Sparkles officially passed on to that great ocean in the
sky today. I gave him a proper burial at sea. Perhaps I
will get some more fish to take his place. He was a hearty
fish though...lasted quite a while, especially in some of
the harsh conditions...ha. I think I'll not get a beta
this time though. Think I'll try having goldfish or neons,
mollys or something. :-)

A bundle of tests are begininning tomorrow. Tomorrow is
clinical biochemistry. Hopefully it won't be too bad.
Last week I was so much the slacker, and I promised myself
that this week I was going to be motivated, and study. I'm
doing better. Next Wednesday I have an immunology test and
then Friday, biopharmaceutics. Then...the next
Monday...anatomy. I dread anatomy more than anything I
think. If for no other reason than the fact that there is
always SO much material, that is so in depth, and that he
can be an ass about little details.

On a happier note...turned 21 on Monday. ;-) No
celebration though as people had multiple tests the next
day. It was an odd birthday. I'm getting so old. :-p

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