my own soap opera
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2001-09-21 03:18:50 (UTC)

September 20

Well I know it's been a while since the last time I had a
diary entry but thats alright i guess. Since the last one
a lot of things have happened bt i'll only mention a few.
Candice decided to go to MCI for school instead of
massey. :( As much as i know i'm gonna miss her i know
it's for the best and she'll like it more there. Also i
met the 2 guys (mike and tyler) that i was all confused
about b4 and that went alright, but we didn't have much to
talk about. They seemed pretty nice and mike kept on doing
tings liek opening the doors and stuff and ty kept giving
him wierd looks cause he normally doens't do that stuff so
it was kinda sweet. LoL but i could tell he wasn't being
totally himself so i just thought i'd have to see him again
just the 2 of us but i would be kinda fraid he'd try
something on me but whatever. I Actually never did meet
him again cause i was always busy and sometimes i just
didnt want to go. He always wanted me to go to parties and
go cruisin and stuff but thats not the type of person i
am. I like to sit talk, hang around at home, take walk and
stuff like that as boring as it sounds. But anyways now i
think he's realized that nothing is gonna happen between us
so he's interested in his friend ash which is nice cause i
was starting to doubt i liked him and then i would't have
to tell him really so that it would hurt him.
Well now school has started. THings seem to be going
pretty good. I like pretty much all my classes so its
seeming to be turning out to be a good semester.
Well thats enough about the past now it's time for today!
Today was a pretty good day!