The Story of my Life
2003-02-05 22:19:10 (UTC)

Hank Pearson

Alas, is has been SO long sense I have written. In some
cases, so much has changed....in others not so much.
Parents: Still in Neskowin; I'm emancipated-was engaged.
See guys.
guys: Live with nathan Skoglund. Corrie's brother. Not so
secret crush: Hank Pearson. My manager's son. Took him to
winter formal. *sigh* Still love Cody. If only he loved me.
Don't know what will come out of that. probably nothing.
His and Tony's demo is out. It's SOOOO good. I love it.
Cutler called me the other day. Wanted to "hang out". Plans
fell through though. Connor e-mailed me the other day. him
and tiffany's 1 year. tra-leah-la. Jealousy.
School: Started taft today. Two classes. Band and
government. Band music sucks (that's why I still get to do
nestucca's) but they have nice equipment. My section leader
is cute. Preppy. Don't remember his name. Wish Hank cared
more for me. It's almost valentines day. Today was a bad
day for nate and I. Wish things would work out. Done now.