Book of Suicide
2003-02-05 21:51:34 (UTC)

envy is love

when you see your idol, what do you feel? envy. when you think of
your higher power, what do you feel? love. yet what is love but
just an attribute you envy in another? and what is envy but an
attraction, a love, of something we wish to be? so then may we
conclude that envy is love and love is envy? one might concur the
differences of these feelings, stating that one can be another
without another being it. but let us look at this. if a blade of
grass sways lazily in the wind with such freeflowing beauty, of
which you desire so greatly, would the result be love or envy? do
you love the peace that you see it in? do you smile as it indulges
in a simple pleasure that you would like to have, but are satisfied
enough as things are? or do you hate it for every moment it takes
for granted that you would cherish forever? let me ask you then; do
you ever feel envy without love?