Nobody Loves Your Beautiful Garbage
2003-02-05 21:50:13 (UTC)


I am often reminded of the story of the ant and the
grasshopper...i truly think that the ant should of got even
in a big way, not waiting for time to do the job for see that story is false. Simply because people
much like the grasshopper dont always get what they
deserve.. many people are out just to simply destroy
others, because it makes them feel so big..sure they are
nice to your face..but the minute you so much as turn the
other direction there is a shank in your back.
I for one am tired of getting stepped on, backed in a
corner, constantly having to step down to others. So listen all of those that have fucked me over, are going to
fuck me over, are currently trying to fuck me over...its
your turn to if your smart leave now, shut your
mouth and head for the door...its about to get ugly.
My shrink is right...the hell with trying to please
people..there is no way to. Now this does not mean im going
to turn into some nut case with an axe to grind. It just
means im not going to be the worlds door mat anymore, and
some people better learn their damn place quickly before i
get to stepping on them..basically if you havent got
anything nice to say to my face instead of in secret
emails, IM conversations, phone, dont bother fucking
speaking. Cause i will find out, so quit being a chick shit
and say it to my face, stop trying to get me out of the
picture and be a real person and we all know whom i am talking about
so there is no reason for me to name names on this one. grow the hell
up for christ sakes, cause in the end im the one who will be fucking
you over.. I ask for trying
to rebuild myself and those that can not offer RESPECT AND
LOVE or at least fake it...hit the god damn door.

good day