things running through my mind.
2003-02-05 21:39:04 (UTC)

Try and be happy and realize all the good things you have in your life...

ok.. its has been a long time since i have written in ne of
my journals i just got really busy and rushed with sports
and homework and finals and all that stuff.. so i havent
had much time to write in here ne more well lets talk bout
mike i like to kno he likes me.. but if u think bout it its
kinda scary knowing sum1 likes u that u never talked to
which is weird bcuz that means he has been watching and u
dont notice that some one was watching u..but ne ways.
sarah m was with her brother and him and she sed he talked
bout me but there couldnt of been alot to talk bout because
he doesnt kno me.. but i like it knowin i brighten sum1s
day i think he is wut keeps me living.....because evryone has to have
a reason to go to school taht why most ppl like ppl becasue they look
forward to seeing that person at school.I'm kinda mad at sarah bcuz i
liked no one knowing bout Mike liking me and now.... of course since
her bother is friends with him she became a part of it and ALL.. she
does is talk bout it,i like it in the way ppl are like aww some one
likes you but i dont like everyone knowin bcuz ne time they see me
and they see him they r like CARMEN really loud look hes over there
and it drives me nuts i hate wen ppl do that. I dont get it im not
the one that likes him why do ppl keep saying go talk to him.. i
could careless he is the one who likes me so he should come talk to
me.I am also scared that if he ever did come talk to me that he
wouldnt like me any more becasue of my personality, and i really dont
want that.I think god made him like me cuz i prayed for sum1 to like
me and it came true which is kinda crazy!..i wish i knew wut kind of
person i was i cant tell wut i look like or wut kind of impression i
make on ppl.
i wanna become close friends with people like amanda k i dont like
her bcuz i kno shes really fake but she does alot to keep a
friendship together like little things that count that i dont have
that specail relationship with any of my friends and it makes me sad.
im not as close wiht brandy any more i dont walk to as many classes
wiht her either... and i miss that too.. i walk with all my old
friends i mean i like them but i like to make new close friends too.
I think im just never happy with myself wut eveer i have i always
want more and more.... which isnt right i kno i should just stop and
be thankful but i cant...
my other journal isnt working and its making me super mad... cuz i
cant get on and i really dont wanna lose all the info i and time i
put into that journal. well i gtg