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2001-09-21 02:50:41 (UTC)

Some people

Some people piss me off ya know? Today I talked to someone
who said she wants to be an old hermit bum when she grows
up! And people who are always depressed, or people who try
to kill themselves -.- grrr. This girl, she wants to live
all alone and without a job or education. She can do better
than that! If she does end up a bum, she'll die all alone,
unhappy, and starving under a bridge! Gyargh! on to more
ranting! Alot of my freinds have parents that just don't
understand them, lucky me my parents are so understanding.
A few of my friends are gay or bi and their parents just
don't want to let them be. My parents would say that its my
life, I can do whatever I want with it as long as its not
illegal by law... pretty much at least, heh. It just peeves
me that parents would do that. Speaking of parents, my
internet g/f was grounded by her parents just for saying
she loves me... Oh well, I guess sometimes things don't go
as planned. Gotta stay optimistic, next entry will be
whenever, not sure, hehe :), Okay, bye all.

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