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2001-09-21 02:47:51 (UTC)

Force vectors?

Well today was pretty uneventful. I played the dangerous
game of "Hit pin" in P.E. and actually knocked down a pin,
but paid the price and got hit very hard in the chest right
after I did. I took a big test in Algebra II which I think
I did okay on, but I doubt I got better than a B. We did
some confusing stuff with force vectors in physics which my
teacher did *not* explain well, and we have some kind of
lab which we have to do by ourselves where we calculate
some kind of force vector crap from newtons and angles and
whatnot so that we can balance weights (I don't understand
why any of this is relevant) and if the weights move the
slightest bit you basically fail your lab. Work was really
busy tonight but fortunately no weird old guys hit on me
today. Well anyways, I'm going to go read part of my book
now. Funf is a funny word!

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